Tips For Using Read About It Sing About It in the Classroom

Don’t worry…We all have that singing voice we use in the shower, and that's all you need! You don't even have to sing if you don't want to; simply play the music and let the students sing along. This album was made to be included with any curriculum, and fit any class size. 


  • Focus – Play the song as an introduction to the reading objective.  Ask students what they heard in the song, and if they can explain what they think the objective means. 
  • Introduce the reading objective, as you normally would giving examples in context. 
  • Review – Play the song anytime during the lesson or at the end of the lesson. 
  • Reinforce - Play as students arrive in the morning, or when preparing to go home. 
  • Allow the children to snap, clap or tap on their desks.  This is extra reinforcement for tactile kinesthetic learners.  
  • Encourage student to share the songs at home, and to compose their own songs. 
  • When using with ESL students, give extra practice to become familiar with language and the academic vocabulary.   
  • Whenever possible also show the lyrics  while the music is playing.
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